Thursday, 23 February 2012

Aeroplane - We can't fly

The only problem with Aeroplane is that I can never find all of his songs in one place, just as I think I have collected all he has another will come to my attention, this is exactly what happened with this. ‘We Can’t fly’ was released over a year ago it’s the album with the same name, but this came to my attention with a remix from The Glimmers. However the remix or any remixes of this track can’t hold a torch to it as the original has so much to offer.
It starts with bongos in almost a chilled trance track but then molds itself into a reggae style French house mix match with harmonic choir and then dips into a 80s funk beat with a synth that reminds me of Scfi-fi B movie . This tune offers everything with jabbing piano chords, oceanic keyboard washes & menacing synth burbles and they all complement each other perfectly. 

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