Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Flight Facilities - With You Featuring Grovesnor

Here we have it, the long awaited next single from the ever mysterious Flight Facilities. This new track is another outstanding piece of music as all their others have been, the last being 'Foreign Language' released in August 2011 & before that 'Crave You' out March 2010. This isn't exactly the most productive a bands ever been, with average of a track ever 8 or so months and no word of an LP on the horizon but with Flight Facilities it is worth the wait. You can tell that this has been put together with love and attention, the production on this is crisp, with nods to past acts who have gone for a future pop feel. Daft Punk being the first name the springs to mind.

The video is something special, with manga type artistry and references to Megaman and this video.

And just in case you didn't know Grovesnor is the former drummer from Hot Chip, Rob Smoughton, pretty damn dope. Flight Facilities are the closest that anyone has come to being as hip as Daft Punk.

After the jump the gorgeous video and remixes...

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