Wednesday, 11 May 2011

SebastiAn - Love in Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

This is the second track that I've heard of being released from Ed Banger Records new golden boys upcoming album, Total, due for release and the end of May. SebastiAn's first was Embody which was a heavy slow dance type beat and this is more in the same vain. 

Check out the brilliant video after the jump of the SebastiAn - Embody directed by 'SO ME', who also directed Justice's bloody brilliant D.A.N.C.E. 

Mayer Hawthorne and his soul background gives the song a late 80s Prince vibe and makes this tune sound quite nostalgic but still very now.
SebastiAn - "Love in Motion" (feat Mayer Hawthorne) (Radio) by vinylandvodka

SebastiAn - Embody by SO ME

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