Thursday, 15 September 2011

Moustache Machine - Pluton

According to the Parisian record label 'Yeah!/Dish Records' - this whole band, track & EP are named after an incident in Miami in 1986.
The Miami Dade police department and the Miami coastguard located and seized, the Pluton, a submarine especially made for smuggling.  on board they found and confiscated 7 tonnes of Cocaine, which was labelled 'Moustache Machine'.

Track and Remixes after the jump...

As the EP title denotes, this is a very 80s -esque track very nostalgic of 8-bit sound computer games and dodgy cop films - however around halfway through it moulds into a heavier nu wave electro with a pounding bassline.

For all you DJ's out there, the original runs at 129 BPM.

 Le Crayon have also done themselves a pretty decent choppy mix which is below. 

Moustache Machine - Pluton by Yeah!/Dish Records

Moustache Machine - Pluton (Le Crayon Remix) by Yeah!/Dish Records

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